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kindjal blade

matei campan

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hello, I hope that I'm in the right place to post this, because it's not quiet a sword, but it's more than a knife. a friend of mine asked me to make a replacement blade for a kindjal, the original has a repair attempt which make it worthless, as you can see in the pics. so I have to make something that look plausible. the kindjal has very nice hilt and scabbard, made of silver/niello with some gold accents. as blade material I started with an old file, which had a similar shape to the blade, but significantly shorter and with a "D" cross-section. I forged it and I obtained the exact shape of the blade, just the right thickness that after removing the forge oxidation, to have nothing more to grind. that was a big luck to find that old file :)

there was a little challenge - to find the methods and the tools to reproduce the maker's mark and the grooves. for the mark I took a piece of coil spring steel, widened and upset the end to match the mark's size. then I took that end to yellow heat and "pressed" it on the mark, so to "copy" it to later "paste" on the new blade. all went all right, just the "pasted" mark on the new blade came out a bit tilt, but it doesn't seem such a problem as I saw some other marks on kindjal blades not beeing perfectly aligned.

as for the grooves, after examining them, i realised that they aren't ground, but scraped with a draw scraper (if I'm using the terms well). I had to reproduce/mimic the same teture and irregularity as on the original. to make the tool I took a broken drill-bit of matching size to the grooves and weld it on the flat side of a piece of flat steel, perpendicular to the length. the cutting edge of the tool was made by cutting the drill's ungrooved side to an angle of, let say, 80 degrees. I hope you understand... It proved to be the right tool and method - the grooves get identical, with the same texture and irregularities as the original.

then, after finishing the blade I gave it just enough patina to seem a bit aged. as usual, I put a lot of pics because I'm not able to choose between them













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