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2 x 72" grinder


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Bore size has to do with several factors when designing a machine.  The two main factors are torque to be transmitted and load/bearings that will be used to support the shaft.  High loads require stronger bearings which generally leads to needing a larger shaft.  Lots of torque can twist a shaft (especially a long one) and can strip out a small keyway so again tends to lead to needing a larger shaft.
In reality, there is not that much load or torque on something like a belt grinder in the 2 x 72" range.  Even a small-ish shaft is likely adequate in terms of torque and loading.  The decision then tends to lean toward mechanical issues like space, available pulley bores, motor shaft size, and the in's and outs of machine bits.
Personally, I lean toward 1" dia shafting on my builds but that's because it's common in stuff I already do.  It's overkill but I'd rather be over than under.
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