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I Forge Iron

Joe from SoCal


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Hi all.

My name is Joe, and I am in Southern California. I do a little blacksmithing occasionally with a friend who is a part time professional smith. I do other metal moving sans forge. Soem jewelry, and some armor. I want to embark on blade making, and may end up making my own soup can forge.

I'm reading a lot, and will try and make my questions intelligently when I ask them.

See you around!

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Welcome aboard Joe, glad to have you.

I grew up in Sylmar but didn't get to your neighborhood very often. We moved to Simi after the 71 Sylmar quake.

Not that any of that really matters the name Uplands rung a bell is all and it's been 43 years since I left for regions north wester.

Oh yeah, we love pics, tools, equipment, projects, pets, whatever you'd let a little kid look at is good with us.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Perhaps a tad more restrictive than that.  Took some fancy footwork to prevent our toddler from showing her birth pictures to the pastor when he stopped by...Must remember to tell that story to her kids when they are older...

You stopped her? Spoil sport.

I didn't bat an eye when our pastor invited the senior Rabi here in the Valley to our annual BBQ. The look on Duane's face at the pig roast when he realized he was offering a plate of roast pig to the Rabi was a Kodak moment that'll stay with me for good. The Rabi about died laughing and still ribs Duane about it.

Frosty The Lucky.

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