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opinel fix - WIP


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Hello all, hope the summer isn't causing any body parts to melt.....

Too hot to fire up the forge, so thought I'd do a bit of grinding/filing/sanding.  This is a replacement blade for an Opinel with a broken tip I've had for years.




And, being impatient (although I justfy this step as an aid in looking for flaws...)


Starting billet:  11 old sawzall blades (with teeth ground off).  Folded 3 times (88 layers), twisted, flattened and grooves cut diagonally across the billet opposite to the twist. 

Quenched in hot oil, tempered at 450 for 1 1/2 hours.

Hope I remember to finish this...


as always

peace and love


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Dang cuz, your up in the great NW.  You want hot, come visit my shop.  98F, with a gas forge going and swinging a 10lb sledge.  How long would you last?  lol. 

Turned out pretty good on the pattern.  I'm really surprised it welded up, it's been my experience that many band saw type blade will not weld together. 

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  How long would you last?  lol. 

not very....or I move VERY slowly....



And as I think back, this billet may have been a combination of sawzall blades and various circular saw blades cut up to match.

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I second what Mr Powers said about bsb. Also, alternating with pallet strapping, it will yield more contrast with the acid etch. I've thought about trying other blends, but (for me) bsb and banding is so, abundant, I would rather hone my patterning technique with something I have had good welding results with. Then when I am comfortable with what the layers will do under a give manipulation, I will try more exotic metals. YMMV


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