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Building new forge


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I am in the process of building a new forge. So far it is a 24" by 36" sheet of 3/8" mild steel on a wooden platform with brick sides and a hood made out of half of a wheelbarrow with some old smoke stack. I am wondering if it should have a fire pot made out of a brake drum or will just a grate be fine? Attached is a crude picture of what i have built so far.








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A brake drum isn't a terrible idea but they're not for everyone. Brake discs are likewise okay. If you have the ability to fabricate a steel fire pot then you may want to think about that.

Alternatively you could put 2 inches or so of soil/ash/sand etc... ontop of the plate and then run a pipe in through the side to create a side blast forge. 

Also more information would be nice, what fuel you want to burn, can you weld or not, where you live, etc..... The devil really is in the detail.



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Welcome aboard Grizzlyman glad to have you. If you put your general location in the header you might be surprised how many of the IFI gang live within visiting distance.

We've described so many different simple forge designs I'm going to try a little different track this time. If it's legal and safe, dig a small hole in mineral soil in your yard. Something small camp fire size is perfect and not deep, say 3-4" this is just a test tool.

Now build a small fire and using a piece of pipe and hair drier start experimenting and see what makes a good forging fire. Bottom or side blast both have advantages and disadvantages, everything does. If you get to know how fire behaves most questions will answer themselves. It really isn't hard, just a little patience, maybe BBQ dinner and play around over desert.

Frosty The Lucky.

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Sure, Goldstreak plumbing and heating is only 2 miles from me. Oh wait, that isn't likely to do you any good unless you live in or near Meadow Lakes Alaska is it?

These are common on the shelf items in any plumbing supply. However you can't realistically expect any response other than the kind of sarcasm I just laid on you without letting us know WHERE YOU LIVE.

It's not a requirement but if you want straight answers to to that kind of question . . . :blink:

Frosty The Lucky.

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