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Newbie questions

Andrew Zimba

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I just finished reading this thread and all posts, as it was brought to my attention.

Many times what looks to be a straight up question has multiple answers due to the fact all the related material was not included in the original question, or multiple questions were ask at the same time.

Each person reads the same question based on their knowledge and skill set. This includes having answered similar questions many times before, over and over again. Not directed toward Andrew, but a general statement. Their patience grows thin when the poster appears to bait the discussion much like a troll. From there it can become a quick reaction post rather than the person replying stepping back and watching the discussion develop, then adding to the information.

Andrew if you have read this far into the thread, please merge slowly into the forum and discussion, with specific questions and specific replies that request additional information and or explanations. Proceed in small steps asking one question at a time so it can be fully discussed. That way we can also keep up with the discussion and not cross link our answers. There is a massive amount of information that the membership can and will share willingly with you. It is the information you seek and need to proceed with your quest. We want you to succeed and to be part of that success.


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