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Hello from Ireland (for now)


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I got a triphammer from an old farrier who used to make all his own shoes---he bought his nails though...When I originally tracked him down he wasn't interested in selling but I left my number and 3 days later he called and said "My wife has told me I've been kicked in the head for the last time and I'm retired, come and get the hammer!"

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Looked into Farriery once at a point when I was casting about. (actually I served apprentice in most trades).

Couldn't find an apprenticeship and didn't want to pay for school. Did read the books I could get though. An impressive bit of a knowledge a farrier must have, not akin to metallurgy as a blacksmith might want but much about horse ailments and how they are corrected by adequate Farriery. 

I also saw that it could be good regular pay compared to an artist seeking commisions without necessarily a patron.

I can only have respect for a person who can perform that job well. 

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Longevity requires that one have not only the skills and knowledge to apliy the pediatric appliance (shoe) but also to manufacture it, as well as codling the customer (human paying the bill) as well as having good horse handling skills so one can get along with the client (horse, mule or god forbid ox) not to mention the good sence to protect your back and other bodyparts. 

But honestly your bread and butter is simple trims on strait horses. In school we were told we needed 200 horses to make the rent. Thats all good if they all get shoad, bit low when you figure that only 10% or less realy need them. 

Cant say for Scottland, but in the Us we acualy get about 1/2 what other traidsmen get, considering the risk and overhead. 

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