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how to roll a bead on sheet metal?

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looking for "How To" information. specifically, how to roll the bead on the edges of this dog collar. I have a chance to bid on making 50 of these of stainless steel. 2" wide x 18" circumference. any information at all will be greatly appreciated...

dave m

It won't let me "choose files" but you can see a picture of the dog collar here: http://tinyurl.com/mmpa3sw

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if you need to do it by hand and do not have access to a beader may I commend to your attention armourarchive.org as rolling edges on things like arm armour does come up from time to time.  Do mention your intended use and don't mention "Blankenshield" (an abrasive fellow who advocated rolling *ALL* edges all the time...even against the documented proof of places they were not used)

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Too late now, but Northern Tool has a Bead Roller setup for about $160

And there are some youtube videos on how to take those chinese problematic bead rollers and beef them up so they actually work well.  


Just checked the original photo and it's not a standard bead-roller type of job--rolled wire edge.  That's a different animal.

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Greetings Dave,

Stainless is a whole different thing when it comes to edge or bead rolling. You will find that it does not form well especially in a circle. Test bend your stock before you purchase a roller.. Just my 2c . 

Forge on and make beautiful things



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