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Horseshoe trammel with a minor oops

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So, saw this http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/41395-trammel-hook/#comment-423789 on bps the other day, and thought I'd try it from a horseshoe, drifting the holes. Worked well........except I kinda got things bent backwards at the bottom. Blame it on lysdexia. Not exactly the way I meant, but works well. Next one'll be right. Glenn asked me to post the other day, and figured I'd put it on, slightly messed up or not.






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I agree with Turbo, a twist between the two sets of holes will fix it right up. Remember, it's not a screw up, it's a design feature and you can charge more for those. Also, it looks like the hole in the dogleg is too far out from the spine. I believe you want the spines from the upper and lower hooks to be parallel when hanging. One other thing you might want to consider is drifting the end hole bigger and making the top part from another horse shoe instead of that 1/4" rod.

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Im not sure that a second shoe might not be over kill, but then again sliting and drifting a 3/4x5/16" slot 90 derees to the first shoe might work.

  i think drifting the #1&4 holes is enugh (from the toe of the shoe). You can alway heat and re bend the end. A decritive twist is always in order ;-)

another trick might be to start with a #2 shoe, cut it in half, fuller between holes to strech it, drift each hole, fuller and forge the hook, fuller and slit/ drift the other end, draw a hook on the ends of the other, use the heal for the top hook so its a bit longer. 

Sorry, thinking out loud

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