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Waste Oil Burning Forge

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I haven't posted much recently, been busy with that most noble and auspicious process of applying to college (uuuurgh!) But I have been, on the side, slowly building a forge that runs on waste oil. I finished it today, it's like a gas forge, but vertically built, so that the oil burns in the bottom without carbon-blacking up the irons in the top. 1 inch koawool with thin a layer if Mizzou castable on the top. The base is Mizzou, and the removable top is koawool imbedded in Mizzou to hold it together, and the fuel injection is...some pipes. I'll put pictures of it soon.
I'm using the waste oil from my deep frier, and other oily things that I cook, and I've talked to my teacher from last year who's frying a turkey, and is gonna give me the oil.
Happy Thanksgiving you'uns!
eat drink and be merry, for I wish you to be happy!

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I have a waste oil burner for my casting furnace and have been working on some other designs. There are a lot of waste oil burners in the metalcasting world, but I have only heard of a handful used in forges. All of my w/o burners run on waste engine oil, just because I have access to unlimited amounts of it but waste vegitable oil is just as good if not better just because it is thinner therefore easier to atomize, but it is becomeing more popular and some places are actually starting to buy it, so it won't be long before it is not a "free" fuel any more.
There is a lot of waste oil info at backyardmetalcasting.com and a lot of experience on the forum over there.

Can't wait to see your pics and get some detail on it.


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Here be monsters, here be whales, here be....Pikkies! The red circle in the one from above is to show where the burner/fuel injection enters the chamber. Insulation is 1 inch koawool covered with Mizzou castable refractory (To act like satanite, but I can cast the floor in it too) On the blower I'm gonna make an airgate.





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what do you mean by a "flame out"?
edit: I looked it up. Like a jet engine yes? Faulty combustion. I am very well prepared for that eventuality, though I have tried to reduce its' risk, but this does not mean in any way that I will be casual. I thank you for your concern, I will indeed be very very very very careful! (Buckets of sand at the ready, multiple fire extinguishers, someone on the alert, phone at the ready)
Thank you,
I will fire it up next week and tell you how it goes,
Merry being,

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