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graphite and wax

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has anyone ever heard of mixing dry graphite in johnson paste wax as you
are heating the wax to emulsify the two together then letting the wax
cool .
then when you do work use this compound of wax and graphite on your work

i swore that is what the demonstrator said he did , just wanted to ask if anyone heard of this before

his work did have a nice appearance when applied .

i have the graphite and wax don't want to do anything till i confirm what i think i heard

thanks in advance

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Yes, it is not an uncommon recipe and gives a nice lustrous, natural appearance to iron. You can apply when the piece is warm so it runs a bit and then buff when cool. This last part is important so any loose graphite is removed or driven into the media. However, this finish can still leave black marks so it may not be the best choice for a high traffic area where people are brushing against it with any regularity.

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I use graphite to polish my silver jewelry . .
Have some medallions that I scribble on with drawing pencils. .and then rub with a dry cloth for a while. .
it ends up looking nice. . .as in .the deep parts are darker and the proeminent parts are shinny ..thus giving the illusion of depth ..

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