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Mokume Frog


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When I first saw the post " forged frog on a lily pad" I knew I needed to make one in Mokume. After a busy year I got around to it this week. Here is the result.

From the steel version post the only part I did not like was the last few steps with the feet so I left mine sitting on them not trailing behind. There are a few small issues, but this is only my third frog ever so I will work on them for my next one. A little deeper cut under the chin is one.
Base metal was 1/2 dollar coins. I intentionally left a little fire-scale in the crevices to try and help with contrast. Finish was cleaned and rinsed then wiped down with simple green cleaner and ammonia fumed. The green/ blue is caused by the cleaner. Typically ammonia fume will just make it go a brown/ grey color. I would like to refine my technique a bit and try a high polished one someday. Maybe next Xmas season as this looks to be a busy year as well.

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Well done Tristan! That's an excellent frog, nobody will look at and have to figure out what it is, it'll JUMP right out at them. So to speak. <grin>


Have you experimented with patination? Getting a good green from copper alloys is a lot harder than intuition says it should be. I wish I had a good recipe and process but my results have been all over the map.


I'll lend you my copy of, "The Colouring, Bronzing And Patination Of Metals" by, Hughes and Rowe if you'd like. I'll bring it to the January meeting or drop it off next time I'm in Anchorage. We're still having to drive into Anchorage for followups for Deb. Will Rene be home tomorrow, Monday? It's not like you're out of the way more than a block or two.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks, Hope deb is doing better.
I actually just got that book for Xmas though. Been fun trying out patinas lately. My best success has been with ammonia fuming as it is slower to effect the nickel bearing alloy than the copper. The simple green was as my mom always said a "happy accident " and it came at the perfect time.

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