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The season ended. He is still posting to facebook and youtube and such. 

That said, I am kinda disappointed in some guys here. He makes swords that are obviously over sized and not true to any historical anything. They are fun, and thats it. If you watch the show or watch his live chat things, he never claims to be a blacksmith, or a bladesmith. In fact he states clearly and repeatedly that he is a welder. As a welder he makes and sells swords that he enjoys making. He uses pre-hardened steel plate that is shaped into what the customer wants.  And its a reality show, thus its for entertainment, of course its going to be hyped up. I agree that the discovery, history, science and etc channels are far from what I remember/would like them to be. I think he makes some cool looking swords and seems to have fun with it.

If you are making a living doing what you love, I think you got it right. 


anyway thats my .02


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