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Pre-cut rose blanks supplier?

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Does anyone out there know or have the contact information for the gentleman who sells the rose blanks at Quad States?  He is usually set up "up the hill" near where the food truck is.


I had a former student contact me and wants to get back into making them(serious girlfriend time too).  He had the blanks that are 16g or 18g, slightly thicker than what is normally out there.  I bought some blanks a few years ago and really liked how the roses turned out.



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Merry Almost,


Brent Christiansen in Oregon, has all kinds of laser/water jet, trinkets like that. Brent is the Secretary of NWBA, his contact information is on www.blacksmith.org


I have no idea if Brent will have gone to Quad State or not.


Another source of excellent product.



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Glenn has to pay to keep IFI up and running, and doesn't receive any revenue from "free advertising" from linking to commercial sights. Even tho its primarily to prevent abuse from folks trying to do just that, to be fair the ban seems to be applied all.
As to the "payed advertising" Glenn isn't getting rich there either, but it dose defray some of his costs.

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