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Bladesmithing School

fat pete

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they just sent me their schedule for 08...it is a beginners bladesmithschool and it is 2 weeks long 2 different instructors....it takes a year off their requirement for Journeyman...i will check and get back to here with the answer in case anyone else would want to go.
It would prolly be good to post the schedule.
2008 Bladesmith School Schedule.
Does anyone know of these guys

February 2008

Liner Locking Folders Feb. 25

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I went in '04 and it was one of the smartest things I ever did.
If you have intentions of continuing on to attain JS or MS ratings, then waiving one year of your wait time is worth it in that alone.
I met three guys there who have become friends/acquaintances, and we all know what friends are worth.
Don't forget room and board, lost wages while away from home, and travel expenses to and from.

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Thanks guys I signed up for the march 3rd one....here is what they said about requirements.....
"You need no experience in Bladesmithing or Blacksmithing to take and
have a successful time in the Intro to Bladesmithing course.
You must have the willingness to work with your hands and some general
aptitude with working with your hands and the ability to listen and
follow directions.
You will learn the nomenclature of a knife in this course, so their is
no need to have experience in construction of a knife. You will not
design the first two knives you make. You will be assigned knives to
make for the first couple of days, then later in the week you may forge
the knives you wish. We start with smaller knives and straight forward
designs to minimize the number of first time errors. Also, it is a much
simpler task to show the students how to fix these errors while working
on a smaller scale. We use both coal and propane, but predominantly
propane will be used in the Intro courses.

As for camping, we allow students with self contained campers to park on
our grounds and use the bathroom facilities and electric hook-up from
our shop."

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Thanks for all your replys... I am so wound up about this...My blacksmithing teacher said "you cant build a knife till you know how to forge"
this is the one I wanted to go to...... ANyone know these guys??

Intro to Bladesmithing March 03 - March 14, 2008 $850

Week 1-Harvey Dean dean@tex1.net
Week 2- Dickie Robinson with Ray Kirk raker@wildblue.net

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Harvey and Dickie both are two of the top ABS Mastersmiths. Harvey is considered by many to be one of the top 10 Bladesmiths in the world.

I know both of these guys, and you won't go wrong. Make sure to spend time after class talking and hanging out with both of them....you will get many jewels of knifemaking wisdom just chatting with them. Both are down to earth type people and very easy to get along with.

The next time you take a look at the ABS website, take some time and read over the JS and MS test requirements.... Both of these teachers are Mastersmiths, which means they've passed both the JS and MS requirements. You don't get there without having something on the ball!

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I have had some time with Harvey DEan at a local hammer in a few years back ED said he may be in to top ten in the world, But from my experience he's is an even better instructor. I was really impressed with his knowledge but moreso with his ability to teach and make it down to earth. If I were to go to that school it would be for his class, Have fun and take a lot of notes and pictures.

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