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Maybe the Number of Pinned Items is too much?

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Just my opinion but it seems like the number of pinned items has gotten just a bit too large.   Anyone think so too?   I will defer to the others or the admins on this...


Just seems I have to scroll down a bit too far to get to the content I want.  I realize that this may be more for the new folks but I think it may be at a point where it needs some level of consolidation.   Certainly if it continues to grow more this will be disruptive to clear access to the content.   


BTW I have no intent here to chastise our VERY active admins  who "in my opinion" do an absolutely awesome job of keeping this site "clean".

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I am so very sorry if there is too much stuff that needs to be tagged for people to find easy, and not everything you want will fit on one screen. 


As you have pointed out,  we have a lot more than just one screen of information on the Iforgeiron forum. But there is a way to find this information quite easily,  Don't feel alone, many others can not find the scroll down button either, it is on the right hand side of your keyboard, near the top. There is also a collection of 4 arrows that can assist in finding content not immediate available on the first screen that pops up when first loading a page so not everything is posted in one pile. Those arrows are located below the scroll buttons we alreaddy explained.


We even have a section for forum feed back and updates, rather than stuffing everything in this one section!  making it even easier to file information.  Feel free to use the scroll button,  and do not hesitate if there is anything else we can do to help you find your way around the forum

Remember to use the scroll keys and arrows, there is a large amount of information you may have never noticed before ! 


I will leave the misplaced post here to assist you and others that get lost find their way again.  I hope this has been informative and helpful as I am sure yours post was intended to be.

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There is a lot of information available on the site. The search engine will (usually) locate the subject or something close, but you need to ask specific questions to get specific answers, and in some cases, you almost need to know the answer to get an answer.



Things get pinned when we feel the newer members need assistance in finding information, we put it at the top in front of them, no looking required. As time passes more important informations gets pinned until, as you pointed out, the list grows long. We can not just move it to a PINNED header or section, as it tends to hide the post and information in that section and does not in the general section. The work around is to make a listing of links to the pinned or important posts but new members will need to know about the list in order to use it. With time even  THAT list gets long and overwhelming.  


IForgeIron has close to 400,000 posts, covering most subjects, and has multiple discussions on many subjects. The search engine is about the only way to navigate through the all the information. With each search you can then redefine your search string and get better results. It takes time to research the any subject and you can be distracted by other subjects that pop up that may be of interest.



Currently there are 7 pinned threads.in the general blacksmithing section.


Attenion new members
Finding a Blacksmithing Group near you
Welcome New Blacksmiths Here Are A Few Suggestions
About to start blacksmithing, fully commit or just a hobby.
What do you need to get started in Blacksmithing?
How to best search IFI?
Zinc, stickies and references



The stickies section was set up about 2008, and has not been updated for a while 

18 general stickies

36 Gas forge stickies

74 Coal Forge stickies  


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I generally just go to the "new content" button on the top of the main page, especially if I have just gone through all the forums recently. I like it cause it is quick and easy, I only have to sort through all the new posts...

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Ok, uncle...   and LOL.   :rolleyes:




I should have put this in the feedback area.  I had an earlier post that you guys moved.   I put it in the wrong place.   It was about my smoke stack.   I failed to look more thoroughly at where I should have posted my question.   And it looks like I have failed again to look where I should have posted my feedback.   So apparently I am a poster child for how not to post properly to the pertinent sections that are already set up and are easily found, if you just look...   So the lesson I am hearing is be more thoughtful about where you/we place our posts!   I typically go to the general discussion section because that is where the action is.   So I guess we all need to police ourselves and others about using this site more thoughtfully.  Instead of relying on the admins to move things about.       Or just posting to the general section.



BTW ...  I know where the scroll down buttons are and so forth...  I use them every time I scroll past all the pinned items...  But thanks for the advice.   :blink:


I will try to do better from now on!

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Many of the sections to the forum are busy.   The many subsections were created  because we had enough activity on those subject to justify their creation and break them away form the parent section in the first place.  Many people never get past the general section and assume there is no activity other places, because they do not look.


Yes its annoying having to clean up others messes, but worse is the massive amount of information some members are missing out :(.  We can not easily find a book if they are just tossed into a pile in the center of the llibrary, so books get placed on shelves, in a logical order.

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