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Ax classes

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Looking for some information on some small ax making classes coming up?? Preferably the wrapped and forge welded with a bit, or possibly split and drifted would do too. Have quite a bit experience at general blacksmithing but never tackled axes.. Have made a few Tomahawk styles with the railroad spike.
Retired now so have some time to take a few classes. Thanks

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Like Glenn said how far are you willing to travel. James Austin should be having some Viking style axe classes in the spring in Oakland California. There are periodic ones all over. For closer to home you might look for your local blacksmith association. They probly have a list of classes, schools, instructors, or something similar.

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Taking 4 or 5 of the advanced classes at John C Campbell(Gerry Darnell,Tal Harris)over the years. Active in two blacksmith chapters in the Midwest.. I also teaching blacksmith classes myself. I would travel a long day's drive. Have the experience to build one, but would enjoy taking a class too.

Just didn't see anything class list of my searches on the web involving axes . Thinking maybe someone knew of one coming up???

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