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Plated Or Coated Steel

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Depends on what it's coated or plated with.

"Coatings" tend to be temporary and/or applied as an antirust while it's in transit. (At least, referring to typical industrial steel.) Basically think "thin lacquer" here, but it could be anything from a Cosmoline-type wax to automotive clearcoat.

"Platings" are typically somewhat different, and usually refer to cadmium, zinc galvanizing or tin, but could also refer to copper (especially as in gas-welding rod) nickel or chrome.

Copper and tin aren't too bad for you, if burned off in a forge, some people have sensitivities to nickel, and chromium's a heavy metal that can build up in the body, but I don't think is anywhere near as bad as mercury or lead.

Cadmium and zinc galvanizing, however, are nasty, and should be ground off first, taking extra precautions such as vapor masks (NOT just cheap $3 dust masks from Home Depot) and doing the work outside- maybe even waiting for a windy day. :D


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Iron forger 122,avoid using galvanized or zinc plated metal in your forge.There are others to be avoided, but I believe zinc to be the most common and most dangerous.

For more information, open the search window at the top of the Forum's page and type in 'zinc'.

There's a whole list of things to read on the subject.

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