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  1. Ok thanks I will check that out and Thomas powers if you would kindly tell me how you made a starter blacksmiths kit tfor $25 I would really be thankful.
  2. Thanks for all your feedback and I understand what you saying. I am just having trouble doing blacksmithing for I am 14 and its hard to get access to a forge and an anvil. Any suggestions.:)
  3. I was thinking of apprenticshipping for a farrier even though most likely I'm not going to be one do you think its a good idea to do. Tell me what you think
  4. Thats very nice good work and keep it coming..
  5. No i live in jersey a long way away so no i will just order it.
  6. Thanks and my brake drum arlready has predrilled holes and also where would i find a tuyre. I can't spell:p
  7. The problem is i do not have a welder or anyting like that any other ideas. I thought this was good to use until i made my other forge then i could put this one at my historical society i work at its an old stone house and its open every dember for people to do arts and crafts and to look at the building and i was thinking of doing a demo for it to get more donations.
  8. I have a brake drum and a pipe for my hair dryer but i am missing the peice that connets the tube to the drum does anyone know where to find one. :mad:. Ha i also found this forge online for 50 bucks Coal Forge
  9. I was just wondering how long should i do Nails and other simple decrotive peices before i get into big pieces like swords?
  10. Great i only live in ramsey,new jersey not far away at all pm as soon as possiable with your phone number i will have my dad or mom call you and mabe i can come over some time and do some blacksmithing
  11. I actually did do the puppy eyes and told my mom about propane forge.She was really only worried about the forge and the open fire so i need a website where i can buy a propane forge and another one on how to make one. And i do have a ench press and dumbells so i already lift weights for wrestling.
  12. No i can't i wish i could but when your only 13 its kinda hard
  13. I know i have been on that website but there are no classes until the summer as i have looked i am looking for a place that i can go like next week.
  14. So i started my forge today for the first time and it was bad the pipe fell out holding the blower. My mom said since i am only young its best for me to go somewhere to do blacksmithing. So does anyone know a place in NJ where i can go i already know you posted it to me in another post but i forgot it does anyone know a place in NJ that i could go today and check out.