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Borax Flux

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I've got a bladesmithing book," The Complete Bladesmith: Forging your way to Perfection", and in this book it says that I can use borax as a flux material. I know that it can be used but the book said I have to melt it down, then once it hardens into a dark glassy material just grind it down it into a powder and then I can use it.


Is that really necessary? I looked around a little on the Alchemy, Formulas, Fluxes, etc but have only read that I can just use the borax out of the box.

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The big draw to anhydrous borax is it doesn't foam as it melts. Not foaming as the water boils out allows it to coat the stock more quickly and without voids. Another aspect some guys cite is not foaming doesn't move small parts.


Frosty The Lucky.

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