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I Forge Iron

Signs over the smithy door

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'Sometimes I do this for the MONEY, sometimes I do it for the GLAMOUR, sometimes when I get real ****** off I just grab a BIGGER hammer'.

Thats framed and hung up in the forge I work at now, usually raises a smile. We also have 'PLEASE don't ask for credit, we're running out of room to hide the bodies'. My boss has a great sense of humour.

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In through this door comes some of the most mangled metal ever seen.
Out through this door go miracles of restoration and excellent Craftmanship.
Through this door some fly who refuse payment.

Poor Planning on your Part, Does not constitute an Emergency Here.

I cannot give you the formula for Success,
But I can give you the formula for Failure,
Try to please Everyone.

Leave it and we will Fix it.
Watch and we will Fix it and add 20%,
Help and we will Fix it and add 50%,
Tell us how to Fix it and we add double the price,
and offer no warranty that it will be done right.

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Seen in some of my friends' shops:

I made an agreement with the Bank:
I won't loan money or give credit
And they won't do Blacksmithing.
Of course you wanted it yesterday,
If you wanted it today, you'd ask for it tomorrow.
We have done so much for so long with so little,
we are now able to fix anything with nothing.
Here, the impossible is easy. Lately though, I've been having trougle with miracles.

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