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Greetings All,


After many years of blacksmithing and now that I am retired what I enjoy most is teaching new and advanced students. Many students who have past the usual coat hooks, leaves, wall hangers , crosses , and bottle openers wanted something more challenging .  


      I have heard more than once...  "  Sure you can make anything with your fancy tools but I don't have them or a welder"


I decided to develop a project with a small amount of steel that will yield 4 new tools that can be used to build 2 very nice elements for use in gates , grills, etc. The tools can be used in future projects..


                                                                    STEEL REQUIREMENTS


                       2   1/4 X 3/4 x24  inch  flat bar

                       1    3/8 x42     inch round bar

                       1     3/8x24     inch round bar

                       1    1/2x24     inch round bar






                       1   large bending tweeking bending bar

                       1   small bending tweeking bending bar

                       1   spring swedge tool

                       1    punch and forming tool

                       1    split scroll with a seed pod accent

                       1    S scroll


This project will develop the following skills..  shaping , bending, measurement, forge welding, punching and drifting, hand forging and twisting, 



        I have yet to try this project out yet and I can only approximate the time required to complete it.  My best guess is approximately 8 hours with a very small lunch hour.. I would like to see more of this type of projects developed so get your thinking caps on and pay it forward.. 


Forge on and make beautiful things




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Greetings 0739,


The tool next to the S scroll is a bending fork/tweeking tool..  The main difference is that it is use in the straight form and not at 90 degrees like most are.   The hole in the handle is so you can slide in the small tool to form a "T" for more controlled twisting..  Get busy they are fun to make... Have fun.


Forge on and make beautiful things


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I like it Jim, looks like a good intermediate "beginner" day. I can see split scroll seed pods for mother's day where your students are concerned. Heck, Deb would love one. Hmmmmm.


I really like the idea, beginner projects making the tools that will let them make the tools to make the tools and so on. Best of all they'll get first hand experience of how fine it feels to use tools made with their own hands.


Inspired idea Jim.


Frosty The Lucky.

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