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Want to buy hand cranked air thingy!!


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I really do think that i am retarted because i do not know how to make a fire. But i think the real reason why this is is because i do not have the proper set up i have the cylinder to put the fire i just need an air system does anyone have a hand cranked air thingy that i could buy plz i really need it. Or if someone could buy me one in a junkyard i would be very happy if you mailed it to me and i would be happy to pay you for it because i have no junkyards near by so if some one would do that that would be nice.

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How big is it? if its one of those small things for a fire place it won't be much good. For a forge you would need one two or three feet long and a couple feet wide with at least two chambers.
check ebay for a hand crank blower might be able to pick one up

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i want a hand cranked blower so it does not make a lot of noise with the hammering

If noise is your problem, the grinders on metal and the ring of the anvil would be close to the top of the list. The blower is usually the last thing on the list making the noise.
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