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Here's an ulu that I finished recently. The blade is old leaf spring, the handle is aluminum. The blade tapers slightly through the handle and and is held tight by peening over the top. I was planning on adding pins but once I got this far I realized the handle isn't going anywhere. Thanks for looking.







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At least seal the join or water getting in will cause galvanic action. A vacuum cleaner and epoxy works pretty well. Duct tape the vac hose to one side of the joint and let it suck the epoxy through the joint. Slow cure epoxy stays workable longer and is much stronger than the fast stuff.


If you degrease the joint with xylene first it'll bond better just make sure it's dry first. When all the gaps are filled it'll draw the epoxy much slower. You can trim the excess with a razor blade once it's set. Trimming before it's fully cured is FAR easier than afterward.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Thanks for the comments guys. The joint is sealed with JB weld to prevent galvanic corrosion. On the next one I may add pins purely for aesthetic reasons but I'm pretty confident in the current attachment method. I'm sure I could loosen the handle with a big enough hammer but I doubt I could get it off without breaking it into pieces.

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