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W1 spiral


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Hard to follow on the heel of Darren's W2 and maple... but here's a recent fun forging of mine. This was forged from a 1/2" x 3/4" bar - because that's all they had - so I went to town cutting and curling. Heat treated with APG 36, quick dip in water then to oil. Mahogany to keep it simple.

What's the cleanest way to peel off layers for these kinds of integrals? I have access to a small jig saw with metal blade but I imagine that would take eons.

Comments and critique welcome.





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just my two cents as a blacksmith and bladesmith...it's a little too blacksmithy for my taste. there seems to be a lot of space between the ricasso and the handle and that may limit its usefulness. someone brought that up about one of my blades and I think it was a good observation. Also, I think scrolls can be more effective when used sparingly in a small space. technically, the blending of the blade to the handle looks great. you're way ahead of me as I've never had much success doing that.


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Naz: With all the scrolls shouldn't ONE be a bottle opener? I think John has it right saying it's blacksmitherly. I like it but not quite sure why. If that makes any sense. I fall back on not being a bladesmith guy as a defense for such a vague statement.


Frosty The Lucky.

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It looks like something from Tim Burton (Nightmare Before Christmas) :D You've done some nice craftsmanship on it. Especially, as John said, the blending of the handle to metal. But you said yourself; Its really out there! :P 

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