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Garage sale finds


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Went to an interesting garage/estate sale today.  Brought home a 21" Bar Folder for sheet metal.  Old, but perfect shape.  It is the only one of the basic sheet metal tools I was missing.   Also hundred of new drill bits, mostly in paper sleeves.  And lots more.  Cost was almost embarrassingly cheap.  I figured I bought the bar folder cheap, and the rest was free.     Sometimes you just hit them right.  There were lots of people there.  I missed out on some other items, but I only have two arms and the shed was very small.  Only blacksmithing item I brought home was a nice pair of straight jaw tongs.

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Sounds like you got a real deal, especially on the drill bits!


I've had some great luck at garage sales finding blacksmithing tools.  A buddy of mine says garage sale and flea market success is all about "Pattern Recognition", knowing what that shape at the bottom of the box or back of the pile is, I can't even count how many drifts I've pulled out of 'that pile of rusty junk out back'




Sledge hammers hide in the space next to the garage doors, tongs end up in boxes of kitchen tools, flatters, punches and fullers get tossed in boxes of hammers. The flower templates someone thought were trivets, the drill press vises all came with a big old Atlas drill press ("just get all that junk out of here, please")


Eyes open, tetanus shots up to date and off you go.

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Greetings Josh,


Sometimes you just luck out...  It's worth tripping over all the dishes and baby stuff to find a treasure..  I have been real lucky lately . Not to shabby for 23 bucks..


Forge on and make beautiful things



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I decided to go back to the Estate sale this AM.  Figured the last day and they would be cleaning out.  Was I right!  I found over 200 lbs of Aluminum rounds, flats and channel, rounds from 1" to 6".  And over 200 lbs of round steel or stainless bars.  Many more drill bits.  Teak lumber.  Profile sander and biscuit cutter.  Several new bags of fertilizer.  A couple of big Jorgansen handscrew clamps.  And lots more.  All for less than $80.  I just spent over an hour sorting out the tools.  Now I have to figure out where to put the metal stock.  Sometimes you just hit them correctly.


Three weeks ago I hit another Estate sale and brought home 940 linear feet of real mahogany lumber, all 3/4" x 5 1/2", for less than firewood price.  I am on a roll.

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