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Mini horseshoe keychain


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working on it my phone is giving me trouble.

First off, I used 1/4" pencil rod,(I got it from Lowe's and Home Depot for free as it is used to tie their rebar bundles together for transport. They throw it away. I just straighten it out first) heated and flattened it.


Second, I use the horn and curve it into a hook, then cut it even.


Third, I give it a few taps to compress it (if needed) and place it back in the forge to heat. Then I use my hold down and mark it with a small rectangular punch to look like nail holes.


Fourth, I put a deeper hole at the longer leg for the key chain ring. I drill that hole out, and grind the scale off with my belt sander. I round off any sharp edges as well. I have left them unground before but, shine sells.


And last but not least, I add the rings and they are ready for sale. This is a great starter project or for if you want to practice your bending on the horn. The great thing is that you end up with a sellable product for very little cost. Plus if they are not perfect, it is easy to quickly modify and people usually buy them anyway. I made thirty start to finish in less than 4 hours and sell them for $5 apiece.


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I like it, good idea. Horse shoes are one of those things almost everybody recognizes and can identify with. They'd be an excellent demo project too. Lots of folk like to buy things still warm from the fire.


Well done, consider the idea adopted.


Frosty The Lucky.

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