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Columbian D44- unable to tighten vise body to base.

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I have a Columbian D44 that was my grandfathers.  I have used it for several years now but I am noticing that I can't lock the base like I used to.   




In this picture, the bolt is unable to spin at this part of the channel, so tightening it is not a problem.




Further along, the bolt spins.   




At the other end of the channel, it spins freely.




View of the bolt.  I am wondering if this is the original or was it replaced at some point?  It would seem that the bolt should have a smaller square under the head to fit nicely in the channel.  The corners of the bolt have very little wear to them, otherwise I would just replace it.





I was wondering if the underside of the bolt head had some sort of knurl or groves to help it catch better to prevent spinning.  Maybe I have a washer missing?


This one has me stumped.  I appreciate any help.

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That bolt never had a square shoulder below the head.  If it did, you'd see remnants of it instead of threads going all the way down.  Between a bit of wear on the corners of the head, and a bit of wear on the wall of the vise, I can see how tolerances got off enough for spin to occur. 


Glad you go it fixed.  That's an idea I probably wouldn't have though of (I never do the easy way the first time or ten!)

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