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I Forge Iron

My first forge


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Okay so I'm going to start assembling parts to build my starter forge. Just something simple to get me going.


The basic design is similar to this one




but with a few modifications. For starters the frame is going to be hotrolled steel struts, like so




4 angled struts for the corners, and 7 flat struts for the supports.


 Welded in a shape similar to this...



      Front View                               Side View                    Front View Open                Top View

Lawn mower deck                   Lawn Mower Deck             Lawn Mower Deck          Lawn Mower Deck

          l                                                I                                        I                                    l

         V                                               V                                      V                                   V

l l _ _ _ _ _ _ l l                         l l _ _ _ _ _ _ l l              l l _ _ _ _ _ _l l                     _ _ _ _ _ _

l l               / l l <Steel Struts > l l                   l l              l l    [        ]    l l                   l                   l

l l             /    l l_                       l l    blower     l l       Fire pot -^ l  l                             l     fire pot   l___

l l         /       l l_O                    l l        O         l l                        l  l_ _ _ _                  l       O         l__  l

l l       /         l l                         l l = = = = = = l l    blower tube>l   _ _ _ _ O              l                   l    l  l < blower tube

l l    /            l l                         l l                   l l                         l  l                            l                   l    l  l

l l /               l l                         l l                   l l        Ash Trap>[  ]                            l_ _ _ _ _ _  l



With the "X" support struts on 3 sides, the forth will be a horizontal piece to support the blower tube. The blower tube will stick out a little bit and then right angle. In theory this will keep the blower close enough that I can pump air into the fire without having to step away from the forge, allowing me to always keep an eye on the coals. The ash trap will probably be just a screw on cap, if I can't find something spring loaded.


The measurements make the top of the forge at around knuckle high with my arms held loose at my sides making a loose fist (as if holding a hammer). The length and width of the forge though is still up in the air. I'm looking at a small push mower deck, so something about 24" diameter


The blower will not be a hairdryer but instead a hand cranked blower. 


As for the fire pot, I'm thinking of keeping the brake drum idea.


Now my biggest concern is the piping used to connect the blower to the fire pot. My first thought was 2" stainless steel piping, or 2" black gas piping, but after checking around I'm not seeing anything that would work diameter wise.


This will also be my first time welding so that will be a fun learning experience. Practice on scrap metal until I get the hang of it, then move onto welding the forge together.


I will be getting the pieces for the forge a little at a time so, don't expect completed pictures quite yet. I just want to know if this a solid plan before making any purchases.


So... this is basically my plan to get started. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Greetings Speak,


It looks like you got your motor running .  Take your time ..  I suggest that you find a local steel supplier for the future .   The big box stores get top dollar for iron..  Keep safe and keep us posted on your progress. 


Forge on and make beautiful things


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What is the problem, diameter wise? 
If you are making a tyure with an ash dump a 3 or 4 " tee is a good start. Then from the branch of the tee you can weld a plate with a hole to accept whatever size pipe you want. Bear in mind that from the tee to the blower automotive exhaust pipe will work well. Exhaust pipe is available in an almost infinite variety of sizes. Find something that slips over the outlet of your blower, and up size if needed, but do not downsize any piping ever (regardless of what it is for, unless you very clearly understand the fluid dynamics). S.S. would be massive overkill unless it was free, especially for a first time beginner built forge.

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