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Started my Treadle Hammer build

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  Been a  busy day.  Off to moms and raided Dads scrap piles.  I now have most everything I need for a treadle hammer.  Welded my uncles muffler back up on the way home and mostly fixed the wifes van.  The heater hoses to the rear are ugly ugly to change on a caravan.  Then some more material prep  for my treadle.


  Not 100%  on my linkages yet.  Not sure whether one piece of 1/2x2x24" strapping is enough or if it should be doubled up. 


  Have a really nice post for the anvil to mount to thanks to Dads old reciprocating cut off saw.   The anvils a stub shaft for a Cat 527 skid cat  track frame pivots on it.  Must be in the neighbourhood of 75lbs.  Sitting in the corner is a power hammer that dad had acquired,  one day when the weather is warm  I'll  disappear it if I can make enough room in my shop.  Found an interesting set of tongs buried in a heap.  I have a piece of 2x2x60"  that I'm going to use 3' of for the hammer.  Should give me 30lbs of hammer  thinking come in  the same distance on each end and the hammer can be end for ended  keep one end flat and make the other into a straight peen or set it up for different dies at some point.  Bored during lunch at work so I did some full scale drawings on the floor.


  What is the usual adjustment range on a treadle? 12-16" depending on what stock and punches are being used?  From what I've been reading you want your linkages parallel to the ground when the strike is made.  I'm sure there was a few other things I was going to ask about but minds gone blank.
















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Busy busy...  much cutting and welding.  will have to find a better spring than I have but thinking I can make it work if connected in the right spots.  Just need a few holes drilled for locking the height  and a foot pedal and linkages  to go with.   A little more grinding on my anvil face is needed as it isn't flat to the hammer face.  Feels like a day well spent.  Maybe just maybe...I  might have something usable sometime tomorrow




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Still need a few things twiddled around on it but you can stomp on a  pedal and the hammer hits the anvil.  Can't ask for much more than that right now.  Need just a little more spring, takes a bungee to give that little extra assist.  have to dig around for a few bits as I would like to put in some angled bracing between the mast and the base.  A few holes to drill to clamp it at whatever height I want to set it to.  but yeah its basically built  and used it to stamp my mark into two knives.  Think its gonna be fun!




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Are you able to get enought force behind the blows to save enough enery to make the effort/cost worthwhile?

I have an air hammer now but had a decent treadle hammer years ago but always wished it would hit with more force :)


Nice job on your build! You moved right on along with this project :)


Wil you post a few more pics maybe with lots of light?



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I'll try to get out there a little later and take some better pics.  It hits plenty hard.  More is lost due to it not being bolted to the floor. The anvil rattles around on the pipe post so it needs some sort of attachment.  The black rubber bungee seems to rob more energy than anything else its old rubber.   When things thaw out I can get into the sand heap and fill the post up  which will help things to.

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A treadle hammer like that is my next project. What is the weight of your hammer and arm length from the mast to hammer. And would you change it? In searching around I have not seen any recommended or ballpark numbers on hammer weights or general demensions for a project like this.  In my world it normally takes me 3 or 4 tries to get things right, I was going to try to get this one done in 2!!  Thanks Jeff

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heres a few more pics as promised.  lighting just isn't playing nice in my shop. 

hoop for a foot pedal

bung off a barrel for a sand drain in the post

probably can't see it very well but the plate  that slides up and down on the mast is H shaped tabs on the back are small so that's why there will be height lock bolts







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Nice treadle hammer.  I may well copy your design. I have a round shaft of some vehicle 50 kg that I may use as the hammer and I have a bit of hydraulic breaker chisel (50 kg) that I may use as the anvil.


Is there a possibility that you can post us a video showing details of the construction of this tool and how does it work hot steel?



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