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Needing local blacksmith that can heat treat my knives

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Hello.  I am in the process of making some knives from 1095 and need someone who can heat treat them for me.  I am using 1095.  I tried a sample piece in a makeshift coal forge and it didn't turn out well.  Some of the metal seemed to melt and after quenching in oil there were deep pitted areas all over.  Also I went through the tempering process twice at 400 deg. for 1 hour each and after the second time I had some cracks in the knife edge.


I am a beginner so I don't have many tools.  Just a side cutter and 6" grinding wheel.


I live in Chattanooga, TN so if anyone knows of someone close by that can give me a hand with this I would great appreciate it.


Thank you.

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try again,  I will heat treat them for you, but no reason for me to, You can do it,  1095 is one off the easiest.


Heat slowly.  Your forge fire does not need a lot of air.  preheat the quench oil by heating a chunk of scrap before heating the blade, and dunk that a few times, wont take to long to pre heat the oils to about 120F. that is how I do it.  use tongs.   After dunking the blade, count to 30 then hang to drip dry and cool, . then into oven at 325F for 2 hours and polish.


First I will move this post to the knife section,  read the info on heat treating there, it explains what is happening as we harden the steels. Classes  are posted there also

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Try burying a bit of pipe in the fire and using it as a baffle when you are hardening. That way you will be able to see how hot the blade is and won't run such a risk of over heating it ;)


 Also, read the knifemaking section on here for more useful tips on the heat treating process. You don't need a lot of kit to make a good blade :)

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