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What is this tool? scale or steelyard


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Ok, So a month or so ago, I got the privilege to pick up a good amount of old metal, tools, and misc. stuff from my Co-workers recently Deceased aunt's house. Her husband had been a jack of all trades type of guy and even did blacksmithing. Unfortunately the majority of the Black smith tools and hardware were gone. But I did find a tool that I have no idea what they might be and would like some opinions.

This looks like it could almost be a scale arm based on the pyramid (close ups) on the side. of it.





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Posts split and relocated from other thread.  posts from there moved here for clearity,  I included the names of posters and their comments .


njanvilman   It is a scale.  Missing the weights, but nicely hand forged.


notownkid     a scale arm.  3rd. ??


doc  as mentioned a scale minus the weights another name for it is a steelyard.


Jim Coke The last one looks like an implement link ..


ThorsHammer82  Pictures are all of the scale arm. I've got some weights that came from the same place so they must go together.

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The old scale is usually called a cotton scale.  They usually had a sliding weight and one or a few counterweights as well.

 Bigfoot, That maybe what Sutheners call it, but here in the Nawth it's called a steelyard  :)

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Some of the early, antique steelyards are stunningly beautiful in their execution. I'm familiar with the Mexican ones, some of which have the stamped date of manufacture. One would expect to pay more for one of them as opposed to the flat bar, "cotton scale" type of balance. The same might be said for equal arm balances; some are plain and some are beautifully forged and finished.

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