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Belt grinder blueprints


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Just checked out the blueprints and there are some great designs BUT I was talking about AutoCad prints which could be dropped off at a machine shop or more pointly made by the keen hands of members here. Id save them as .gif so everyone could use them. These would be highly precise .dwgs that would be comparable and beyond anything you could buy. I think Ive already talked myself into starting tomorrow;)

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The .dwg are just about done for the belt grinder and I designed it so really only a couple of tools need precise maching. Ill post them just for review and some ideas from you guys but I think youll enjoy it. I didnt include motor though because the options there remain immense.
The KMG chasis only is 549.00. Juts drive wheels, idle wheel, shaft, 2 pillow blocks will run you 200.00 plus steel and machine work so I think it can be done for almost half. Like the chassis this doesnt include tooling ((bars ect))
Should I proceed or is there not enough interest.


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hey people i'm new here and i'm trying to find a few plans for belt grinders. the above links look promising but i cannot find them in the blueprint section. i have access to 0-100, 100-200 and the uri hofi series but cannot find any of the plans listed above. can someone point me in the right direction? i've made a few knives already but i'm looking to make some equipment that can make my life easier. thanx for the help

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