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  1. Ive seen stainless steel sinks used to good effect once they were lined with clay
  2. long way for me too but still sounds like fun. I'm hoping that some one with some experience will put on a forging workshop or something here in California.
  3. thats what I do to, I use small peices split from old pallets. I cant get it hot enough for welding and forging 9260 is tough but everything else works fine. using pellets seems to work fine as well, I am going to experiment with coke when I have enough cash.
  4. that file work is over the top
  5. oil is the only way to go, I use olive oil it smells great, but opinions vary. a large enough container of oil wont sustain a fire until the container is hot.
  6. great package, nice and simple, that file work sets it off nicely
  7. Nothing wrong with that
  8. here are some homemade grinders that I have found. Building a shop made Belt Sander Home or shop made Grinders
  9. compressor motors arent meant for continual use I dont think, if you use it anyway lat us know how it works, thats a good price.
  10. char

    Belt Sanders

    Whats wrong with this one its about as simple as it gets and could easily be modified to not require any welding.:D
  11. When I do it I heat em up then straighten them get em red again then anneal them over nite. Then I normalize at least once after I've been hammering on them. I also generally re anneal them before I start grinding/filing on them, but I dont think its needed just nice.
  12. Nothing wrong with that, what size stock did it start as? Nice knife.
  13. 1. make your knife 2. look at it 3. grab a file 4. use said file to remove what isnt a saw although it would be much easier to just use a saw
  14. char

    Edge quenching?

    Sounds good thanks alot. I dont know what kind of steel it is, I made them from an old lawn mower blade that my neighbor gave me years ago when I started grinding knives. So temper it is