Wilderness Pack Axe

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I just finished up the second in my line of "Wilderness Axes" this one being a pack axe hence the name. This is a fun little axe and it was a fun project to make. Axes really do have their simple pleasures and they are fast to make too! In any case this axe was wrapped and welded with a 1084 bit to a mild steel body. The head measures 7 inches long with a 4 inch cutting edge. The handle is hickory and measures 19 inches long at 1.5 pounds. Unfortunately it started to rain before I was able to get any pictures of the axe with its sheath. Let me know what you think! Thanks for looking.


Robert Burns





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That is a lifetime tool for sure. I know when I use a small hatchet my friend made for me, I always think about watching the process start to finish and the pleasure knowing it was hand made here in the good ole USA made by a craftsman for a craftsman.

Keep up the beautiful work.

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