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I Forge Iron

Ever seen one of these?

Geoff Keyes

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I've had this for a long time, I'm pretty sure it came from a junk shop, somewhere.  It might have started life as a tiny post vice, the jaws are 3 inches.  There is an obvious repair, or an addition on the table mount.  The end of mounting screw looks like it might be original, but any competent smith could have forged the leg into that shape.  The surface is old and pretty uniform, so it's been like this for a long time.


I use it as a portable bench vice, or as a make do clamp.









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I have a reprint of an english tool catalog from 1820.  They call these kind of vices "table vices".  Your vise has been repaired the screw and box are a replacement.  Also the mounting plate has been brazed back on it most likely was a tenon mount that went threw the back leg and held a small leaf spring with a small wedge.  The coil spring is a modern replacement.

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Hi Geoff the replies you  got are all pretty good answers,these little guys have been around  for centuries I collect vises and have many styles yours is probally german, the french made more stylized and the english looked close to a large vise I have a few from austria they are heavier built with out much design I also have small post vises they are very hard to find hope this helps Ron

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