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  1. I believe it had a gas engine. The hand grips were tongs.
  2. They look like the log tongs on this page. They could be an early version. http://ext.nrs.wsu.edu/handtools/tools/movinglogs/
  3. There is a satellite group of the Indiana Blacksmithing Association starting up at the Parke County fair grounds. If you're on facebook, they have a page and can be seen at http://indianablacksmithing.org/ . If you need coal, http://www.graberfarmandhomecenter.com/ . This is where a lot of people get it.
  4. I don't know why it would have been made that way, but there was an anvil that was similar on the South Bend Indiana craigslist for a long time a few years ago.
  5. Daniel S

    Bent Vise Leg

    Lol. It was bent in all directions. I wish I had been able to take pics of the straightening , but I was by myself. I was only trying to show people that they didn't have to find perfect tools to still make them work. It was the worst I had at home.
  6. Daniel S

    Bent Vise Leg

    I picked up a small vise at Quad State a couple of years ago. I finally got around to straightening it. Having a vise already mounted really helped with tweaking it, but I did most I've the straightening on the anvil. It took a little bit to get it hot, but was an easy fix. Don't let a bent leg scare you away from a vise, try to use it as a bargaining point.
  7. If it's going to get wet, don't use red oak. I'm sure that maple would work as well as anything.
  8. Did you make it by to pick up some coal?
  9. If you go on Saturday, they close at or before 11am. You can buy at the bulk price if you take buckets or barrels. Like Dave said, calling ahead is a good idea. Not everybody that works there will know about the coal.
  10. I meant my response in a joking manner too, I'm just not very good at the internet and forgot the emoticon.
  11. I hadn't thought about any equipment differences... I was mentioning because some of the positions I've seen people working in can require lots of hip flexibility. Also, changing posture can make doing everything a learning experience.
  12. That sounds like a really fun time. You should find out if he works sitting or standing before you go. Definitely post pictures.
  13. You can use a ball bearing of pretty much any size or a hammer. There are videos on YouTube of how to do it. The worst rebounding anvil I have is around 70% while the best is around 90%. For the price they seem to bring in your area, this sounds like a steal. There are probably cheaper anvils around, but this one is less than the going rate and sitting right in front of you.
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