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A few new tools

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I finally got to forge a little last night and today, so I decided to make a couple new tools. First off I want to thank everyone for their comments and advice on making tongs in my previous post, I took those words to heart and finally made a half decent pair, second I made a brazeal style hotcut tool to fit my William foster anvil, the hardy hole is 1 1/8". Please enjoy, and all comments are welcome. Oh, and the chisel in the photo is what I used to hotcut the inch and a half axle I used for the hotcut hardy tool!



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Good Morning,


Next time, leave a little more material where the reins join the hinge area, on your tongs. The law of the lever means that you are holding the tongs near the end of the reins, but the effort is focused to the weakest area which is next to the hinge area. The same applies to the start of the jaw formation, leave some more material so they are like an I-Beam (taller not wider).  I'm not trying to be rude, just a place to suggest improvements for your next time. You will learn the subltle areas of good tongs, after you have made a bunch. :) :)


The Hot-Cut looks good. It is patience to forge out an axle by hand.



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You're on your WAY Nank! Those are mucho improved tongs. I agree with Neil, a little more meat where the reins meet the rivet boss is a good idea. Heck, that's the place to over design tongs if you feel the need to over design anything.


Sweet hardy, well done!


Frosty The Lucky.

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