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At last! My airhammer is in the smithy....

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I have waited for over 2 years to put the hammer inside the smithy. Family situation prevented the work to be done. It seems like it did not get too damaged under the plastic cover... 2 Swedish winters outside takes its toll.


The red cylinder is an extra air chamber so I can run the hammer for longer periods.

I am really looking forward to start working some steel. :)

If you are interested, the hammer is a Swedish Sönnerviken, approx 40 kg of hammer weight. It weighs about 600 kg.


More photos will be posted when it is time to put the hammer in the upright position. Need to figure out how first.


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I'll bet you're almost giddy finally getting that beauty upright and inside. We're all aware how life can get in the way of our plans, I don't know anyone who hasn't had it happen.


Good for you keeping after the dream. You're going to love that hammer even more for the trials.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Greetings Melchior,


Boy do I know the feeling of ( I just can't wait )  I got delivery of my KA 75 and decided to hook it up right away on the shop floor. I hooked it up to the shop air compressor at 125 psi and gave it its first try...   I jumped up about 10 inches and almost fell over ...  Seems it only likes 90 psi  WOOPS....   Be safe and by the looks of your smithy your going to need some good ear protection..  The compressor and the hammer working at the same time will get very noisy ..  I now live in north Michigan and my KA 75 is in a different building than the compressor.   I run underground air lines and put the compressor 100 ft away from the hammer...   NICE>>>


I wish you well and have fun


Forge on and make beautiful things


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Oh, the KA75 seems like a really nice hammer. 


I was also thinking about the pressure. I have a max of 16 Bar from the compressor. But need to check if the hammer needs less. 


I will also build a small room for the compressor, tank and propane bottles outside. Much nicer without a compressor roaring away in the smithy. But that is a later stage. Firstly I need to get up and running.  


Ahhh, dreaming about all the nice project to be forged in that hammer. ;)



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