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  1. Oh, the KA75 seems like a really nice hammer. I was also thinking about the pressure. I have a max of 16 Bar from the compressor. But need to check if the hammer needs less. I will also build a small room for the compressor, tank and propane bottles outside. Much nicer without a compressor roaring away in the smithy. But that is a later stage. Firstly I need to get up and running. Ahhh, dreaming about all the nice project to be forged in that hammer. ;) /E
  2. I am very giddy. :) But as always it is difficult to get free time that can be invested in the smithy. I will try.. as always. :) /E
  3. It surly is difficult... So many prioritized things that needs to be done before... but sooon... :)
  4. I have waited for over 2 years to put the hammer inside the smithy. Family situation prevented the work to be done. It seems like it did not get too damaged under the plastic cover... 2 Swedish winters outside takes its toll. The red cylinder is an extra air chamber so I can run the hammer for longer periods. I am really looking forward to start working some steel. :) If you are interested, the hammer is a Swedish Sönnerviken, approx 40 kg of hammer weight. It weighs about 600 kg. More photos will be posted when it is time to put the hammer in the upright position. Need to figure
  5. Thanks for the compliments. Jim, I agree, it is annoying that they take up counter space. I liked the one that you made. A muppet, yes... I love muppets.
  6. Thanks everyone. I punched and drifted the hole, first with a punch and then with the horn of the anvil. Need to keep it really hot all the time so it will not break.
  7. Hello, I finished a paper towel holder yesterday evening. It has been wire brushed and a thin coat of linseed oil applied.
  8. Here is a good introduction and how to. http://www.fredeenblades.com/patternwelding.htm
  9. He will have a nice piece of steel to work with. But he will start out learning to grind on some mild steel first. :)
  10. Did a pattern welding session with a friend that is just starting up and wanted to learn a bit. Started out with 8 layers (25x24x120 mm), used a large sledge hammer, sure missed the machine hammer. :) Did two folds (even though only 16 layers are visible in the pics). Interesting to do welding in ejector gas forge instead of a forced air. The heat areas are a bit different from my own. But it worked really well, and did not use much gas (judging from the ice on the tank (P45) ). I hope that he will make a nice knife out of the bar that we made. Here are some pictures:
  11. Understood. I think I understand the general idea regarding efficiency and tuning. So I will start with properly insulating the forge using the refractory cement and also try to change the bottom protection plate to something that does not absorb so much energy. Thank you for the information. /E
  12. Good point Thomas! I would like to run the burner at the optimal efficiency, eg. as much heat per kilo of propane as possible. Forging knifes. I need as little scales as possible so I want to run it a little rich. Is is so that I need to change how a perceive the efficiency of the burner, it is already efficient in almost all the settings (except when I am reducing the air intake to much and no "jet" stream is formed)? So the most "savings" would be a result of running the burner on as low pressure as possible? /E
  13. When will I get the time to start fixing up my shop?!

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