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How do you temper an axe?

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or if you would like some specific information rather than be linked to a general HT page with pretty much no info to help the poster with his request.....:-


I use a steel that is equivalent to 1050 but have used 1045 equivalent although I find that the 1045 does not keep an edge like I would require from one of my axes , the small bit of difference in C makes a big difference in reality.

 I temper at 250C 482F for two one hour periods, this will leave you with a tough and easy to sharpen axe, you can temper lower for a little more hardness say 230C , 446F . the temper of an axe depends upon specific use and on the edge geometry.

 I use a converted domestic oven or a proper ht oven depending upon size of axe...

 good luck and post pictures.

 cheers Owen

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