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Check out this ol' Sway backed Mule

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This is a Trenton farriers anvil I rescued from the scrap yard..Its 142#, pretty good size for a farriers anvil..Now, Ill start by saying this anvil still has great rebound and is solid as a jug. the edges are even in good shape but as you can see from the pics she has seen the use! the sway is even and smooth..Though the sway or dimples in front of of the rear pritchel hole has me cornfused :blink:  Im wondering how that dished out spot got there???



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Farrier's often use the heel to straighten the branches of horseshoes cold. That area around the pritchel and hardy often have a worn area where thousands of shoes have been straigtened over the years.

Your right, I had never thought about that and I knew it..Thanks! Its still a good ol' anvil, you just have to work around its character.

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