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I Forge Iron

Forging a Jewelers hammer

Aaron J. Cergol

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Hi all,


Here's a Jewelers hammer I forged. Made from 1" diameter 1045. 


I threw it into my "reject pile" and eventually came back to re-forge it; at the time, I didn't like the proportions of the cheeks, or the eye, I fixed the eye, and filed down the cheeks as well as made the ball peen down turned like some of the original antique hammers I own. I did some very basic file work for decoration, and decided to leave a rough-filed finish. I heat treated, buffed off the scale, oiled it down and tempered. I left the temper colors on it, as I thought it made it older somehow. I'm happy with the results. I forged a round wedge-although I think an H wedge would have been more appropriate. 


The handle is also home made, and is straight grained Hickory. 


Enjoy the pics-any questions, please ask. For more pictures of what I'm working on, I post regularly on my facebook page-under "Cergol Tool and Forgeworks".


Warm regards,






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Good job, Aaron.

It is fairly common for knife makers I know to have a 'waiting area', where things go wrong that you don't know how to fix yet. Later when going through these items things are found that are now fixable. Didn't know that smiths did it too :)

Terrific hammer!


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Thanks guys. 


Dave-that's exactly it. :) It's also sometimes a place to put pieces I get frustrated with-I know if I continue working on them, I'll end up getting more frustrated and ruining them. Set them aside, and look at them for ideas until you feel like working on them again. Some of my most favorite hammers have come from my reject pile. 


I would like to make a sledge hammer soon with fancy filework. I am still narrowing my drawings on a design though. 



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That's just plain beautiful Aaron, it reminds me of past centuries when craftsmen decorated tools and machinery.


Having a holding section for projects that just aren't working out isn't too unusual though it doesn't get talked about much. Setting a misbehaving project aside and moving on to something else is like sleeping on a problem. It lets your conscious mind work on something else so it can relax and let your subconscious and reflex minds handle the problem.


It's like working on a car and not being able to start a bolt or nut, try try try and it's no go. You give someone else a holler and they come over and start it first try. Or you walk away and do something else for a while, come back and it starts smooth as gravy. (MY gravy's smooth. <grin>)


Frosty The Lucky.

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