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Window cross panels


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Hello again


Here are two window panels I installed today. They are approximately 2 foot by 4 foot. The frame is mild steel and the rosettes and arrow points are silicon bronze. These elements have been silver brazed in place. There are small piano hinges set into the outside corners and the opposite side having magnetic hasps attached to the door. There is a black guilders paste wash with lacquer finish. The doors are 8 feet tall and the glass is lightly mirrored on one side.


M Martin

Martin Forge Works






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It is a fine question. The Silicon bronze elements are forged. I would have happily used cast brass rosettes on the work, but the customer also wanted some type of arrow points on the piece. I looked and could not find anything good. So to insure that the rosettes and arrow points were a color match I forged them all from one bar of silicon bronze. I used this metal because some friends of mine enjoy forging it with good success. I know some of the bronze and brass types will not forge well so this was the choice for me.

When forging I would turn the lights off in my shop, this would dim my shop because I still had a 12 foot square door open on the end. Under dim conditions I would heat the silicon bronze to a dull red and it forged very soft. I did over heat one rosette to a light orange color and it shattered then I struck it with a hammer.

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