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new chef blade


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This is a new chef blade of 1095/L6. It's about 800 layers ( I can't keep track :(   ...old age) Anyhow, it came out pretty good  imho. 1095/L6. I don't have the specs as I'm at home and the knife isn't. If anyone is interested, I'll post later.

As always, comments/suggestions welcome. Thanks for looking and thanks to those who posted wip's to get me interested in trying new work, and stretching my abilities.

John Emmerling


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The blade looks awesome and the handle is awesome As long as it actually cuts something I dont know if your going to get that much better at that style/design of knife.

One thing you could play around with could be the handle shape. From the looks of it you have picked a ambidextrous handle, some of the higher end commercial blades come in left and right handed knives using a D shaped handle. They are meant to be more comfortable for cooking applications, not a handle shape one would use for a normal knife handle. 

Think that would be the only suggestion to your work I could give, just a different design idea really (you may have already done this type of handle for all I know)

Keep them coming, love to have one of them in my kitchen

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