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First Dining table commission


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I finally was able to quit my day job (forging and building furniture) and start a business forging and building furniture with a talented friend of mine. Our first commission was to build a dining table based on a coffee table that we had just completed for a gallery.  Since I had just given up my access to a big blue 110 and use of a well equipped, large shop, We started by building a large forge to heat the 1/2 by 3 I dreamed of using, and then a spring swage to texture the stock.  After a couple of weeks we actually started the build. While I was forging the legs my partner glued up the 4x9x10 reclaimed oak we had acquired. I finished the legs and he ended up welding on a ranch for a couple of weeks, so I finished up the sanding and epoxy fill on the table top and applied a finish. We managed to display it in a local art in the park before the delivery, then installed it in the very excited customers beautiful home. I am going  to attach some build photos to this. I know that its not all iron, but the wood pics were part of the process.The last photo is of this table with its inspiration, the Crazy Woman Coffee Table. I look forward to your feedback



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Thank you for all of the nice comments, I appreciate them. This was a good project, as it made me step up my game a bit, and make some needed tooling. Now i'm going to make a power hammer and a press top priorities! I proved that I could do larger work by hand in a two car garage, now Im going to work toward not having to do it the hard way!

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