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Here you go people. Please feel free to comment, critique, laugh, as you wish hehehehe. This one is made from a rusty leaf spring my brother-in-law gave me. Hand forged on the Buffalo forge and slightly cold blued. I found the bleached, mule deer antler, and carved a guard from brass bar stock.

Blade .140 at guard tapers to .065 on the tip. 5" long and 1.75" on the widest. The mulie handle is about 4.75". Overall length is about 10".


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This is my second. The handle is the main beam cut from the first knife. The blade is basically the same with the exception of the handle. I left the natural color on the antler, made a copper guard with cocobolo and red with white fiber spacers. The butt cap is the same cocobolo with spacers and two copper pins.



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This one is made from a cow elk leg bone. I forged the bevel on the edge and a clip style point. The guard is cut from a piece of structural stainless angle and composite turquoise. Oh yes the gut hook looking thing on the bottom is a beer bottle opener.




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