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Rhett (rhett didnt take the time i did on mine but it still works great) and i made a new forge this last week here are the progress pics of my forge post-25950-0-17999700-1369231741_thumb.j post-25950-0-53392600-1369231765_thumb.jlast 2 pics are of the firepot itself post-25950-0-22589000-1369231788_thumb.j the slotted table post-25950-0-31512000-1369231812_thumb.j the flanged firepot post-25950-0-23980300-1369231871_thumb.j post-25950-0-25189000-1369231915_thumb.j firepot in place post-25950-0-74463100-1369232004_thumb.j post-25950-0-53708300-1369232052_thumb.j post-25950-0-62385000-1369232091_thumb.j air flow adjustment post-25950-0-14659400-1369232148_thumb.j post-25950-0-06921300-1369232178_thumb.j last to pics are of the clinker breaker set up these last pics are of the finished forge post-25950-0-29963000-1369232236_thumb.jpost-25950-0-86887300-1369232272_thumb.j post-25950-0-58947100-1369232304_thumb.j

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thanks guys matt it was just some scrap rebar i tacked on some plasma scrap it does direct the air flow a bit to the side where the blower is when theres no coal in it i havent made a fire in it yet that for the evening!

dale i hope it is

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