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I'm really needing a real anvil. After using far inferior improvised anvils for a while and using real anvils in my Guild's shop, I am getting the itch to own a real anvil.  I plan to ask my guild members if they have or know of any for sale. I am looking for something not to heavy, probably more or less than 100 lbs. I am not able to spend over $300. Ebay and craigslist are unreliable and overpriced. 


Is this a reasonable budget for an anvil in good condition and In that weight?  I thought about buying a new farrier anvil, but they are not really suited for blacksmithing and have all sorts of annoying shapes on them.


What are your thoughts?

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Nick: A proper anvil is usually easier to use than improvized ones but don't place too much weight on it's shape. I'm not usually a fan of some of the farrier's anvils with all the specialty stuff. But that's not my decision, you want what you want and that's what counts.


Be patient, there are plenty of anvil and other smithing tools in your general area but it'll take time to find something juicy. I find 125lbs. to be a good weight, heavy enough but still manageable to move. 100lbs.+/- is right in the ballpark for practical.


Are you familiar with the TPAAAT method (Thomas Powers Anvil Acquisition Technique.)? It goes something like this. Tell EVERYONE you now, meet, do business, just bump into you are looking for an anvil or whatever. That's EVERYBODY, your Mom and Dad, Aunt Tilly and Uncle Dud, folk you work with, the Pastor and parishioners at after services fellowship coffee and donuts, your kids, have them tell the kids in school, the checker at the supermarket, convenience store, your bookie. EVERYBODY.


There is just no telling who has been tripping over a rusty old THING under her garden bench or wants the garage cleaned out or . . . You'll never know if word doesn't get out. Something like it is how I got my beloved 125lb. Sodorfors.


Frosty The Lucky.

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Hi Nick, 


Don't know if this helps but there is what looks like a nice anvil at a farm sale in Chambersburg PA tomorrow and one in Newville PA Saturday.  I bought mine at a farm sale north of Frederick, 168 pounds for $320.  I go to a lot of sales and have also seen them go as high as $500 for this size.  You can see the pictures on auctionzip.com.  Type in your zip and key work anvil.  Good luck with your search.

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