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I Forge Iron

Short chef


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I forged this from 5160 1/4 inch. The point is funny but as the shapes emerged under the hammer I liked it. Since its spine is thick I hammered and ground the bevel all the way to the top. Veg oil quech oven tempered seems to take and hold a good edge. Handle is scrap cherry flooring. With the handle thicker than 1/4 due to the upsetting the balance is exactly at the top pin.



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Looks good to me...Keep them coming. The glove thing I have a hard time with as well.....have you ever tried getting a hot glove off yer hand?? I take my chances barehanded when forging. I do wear one gauntlet in the tong hands when welding though. Tired of having to let go due to slag splatters. :)

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Nice blade! I'm visiting my son in Sidney and went into a butcher shop yesterday and saw the exact same profile, only reversed on the cutting edge. It had to be at least 2" or more at the heel with a nearly straight cutting edge and a straight spine. best guess is that they were less than 3/16 thick at the heel. I think I'll make one when I get home and give it to one of my chef buddies to try out.
Keep posting.

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